Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jessica Says

Jessica Says

In the harbour where I stand, time slips through my hands

Grains of sand swept up by tides, oceans deep and wide

And now behind me lies my life, lights no longer shine

Shine, shine, shine

Shine, shine, shine

Jessica steps from shadow, says

“What’s it like out there, living on the edge of nowhere

As you try, try, try

Try, try, try

Try making sense of what is left, is it any better than the rest?”

Hand in hand to the water’s edge, she say’s “Come free yourself

From all the anchors in your past, live your life at last

In the way it was meant to be, as the Goddess sees

Sees, sees, sees

Sees, sees, sees”

Jessica throws the dice, says “Now let fate decide

Our lives through spinning chance

Whilst others dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance, dance

Dance round needs, desires and fears, looking for safety in a dream.”

Jessica throws out her hand, says “Here lies our command

So lets sail her to horizons wide, ‘neath a starlit sky

Steer her by our rising signs, find for us our time

Time, time, time

Time, time, time”

Jessica looks to the skies, letting the stars unwind

Spinning them round in her mind’s eye

Into lines, lines, lines

Lines, lines, lines

Lines that join her hand to mine, across that endless sea of time

And now, all worlds fade, time writes one more page

Of two destinies entwined, love between the lines

Fate now shall set us free, to live within our dreams

Dreams, dreams, dreams

Dreams, dreams, dreams

Jessica speaks in dreams. Says “Have you found what you seek?”

All I can say is “It was always there

In the lines, lines, lines

Lines, lines, lines

Lines that join our hand to mine, along a path the stars define.”

Jessica says

Jessica says

Jessica says

“Then come to me now.”

© W. Burn 2010

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