Thursday, 8 December 2011

How Do You Dream?

How Do You Dream?

Don’t go believing, it’s just you that she’s deceiving

‘Cos there’s plenty who’re receiving, when the lights go down

Think about it later. It’s a sad little fable

Leave your money on the table, ‘cos it’s time to go

Back to your wife, who’s been living in your life

Like a good little wife from so long ago.

Where do you go my friend, when all your roads have ends?

How do you sleep? How do you dream?

Time’s underlined, all the wrinkles round your eyes

And your youthful surprise, has long since gone

No more fancy penthouse. Now you’re living downtown.

Deep inside a Brownstone, that’s crumbling down

Once you took the top tricks. Now you’re learning new tricks.

Just to get the next fix so you can cry.

Where do you go my friend…

Dream of a life, with another little wife

Another good little wife, but far away

See yourself down on a beach, everything within your reach

No more little kids to teach. It’s paradise

But you know that you won’t get, out there till you’re out of debt

Just about when you are dead, and bound for there

Where do you go my friend…

Dreams in the city, where the streets aren’t so pretty

Don’t attract too much pity, when you walk alone

They’re crawling on the walkways. They’re dying in the doorways

There’s always more than four ways, to kill someone

Can you see her on the ground? A chalk line drawn around

You see her hands are bound, but it’s not you tonight

Where do you go my friend…

Locked in a dance, a macabre romance

Like two lovers entranced, in each others eyes

Is that disgust on her face? Resignation taking it’s place

And you know that there’s no other place, to run to now

Was that goodbye in her eyes? As your hands squeezed just tighter than tight

Are you feeling the burn of the fires that won’t let go?

Where do you go my friend…

©W. Burn 2005

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