Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lost In The Rain

This song was written for a friend. That's all you need to know.

Lost In The Rain

Unnoticed, she sits upon her shelf

Given room to play, but left inside herself

The echoed silence grasps her whispered words

And weaves them into dreaming rhymes to heal the lonely hurt

Not joining in the joke

Not knowing why to laugh

She smiles at masks and wonders

If they will smile back

And she’s still out there, running in the rain

Calling Daddy, from deep within the pain

Of another day, lost in the rain

Forgotten, she stands outside the gates

Just another day, business running late

The empty journey drives the distance home

And separates existence from living love alone

She sees her future waiting

Ice melting in a glass

And knows there will be no path

That ever brings her back

And she’s still out there...

Unwanted, she sits at home and waits

For another tale, a fool’s excuse too late

But spark and passion, blind us to our fate

Combining in defining joy but turning quick to hate

She knows she can’t go back

And cries a desperate tear

As rejection comes full circle

Spinning love from fear

And she's still out there...

© W. Burn 2011

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